Kaizen Ferro Cast has installed latest technology CI & Ductile Iron melting plant of 800 MT per month melt by 2000 KW panel, 1000 Kgs × 3 Crucible VIP tri-track medium frequency furnace from INDUCTOTERM with a melting capacity of 3 tons per hour.

This furnace is equiped with hydraulic tilting arrangements, water cool leads and standard set of bus bar & fume capture hoods for collecting smokes, dust & airborne pollutants during all phases of furnace operation.

In addition we have carbon and silicon analyzer with charge calculation.

Core Shop

Cold Box Core Shooter.
Shell Core Shooter.

Horizontal Parting, Cold Core Box Machine having 15 Litres capacity SUSHA make (Size: 450mm x 450mm x 200mm).

Sand Plant

Kaizen Ferro Cast has installed a 40 ton per hour capacity sand plant from BMD. We have selected Belloi & Romagnoli for sand mixture and Green Sand Control system from USA, with PLC interfaced load cell for return sand, new sand and additives like Bentonite, Coal Dust etc. with online moisture and sand testing facility. Also the homogeneity in mixing of Raw Material which also drastically reduces consumption of Bentonite, cold dust etc. Which also affect the quality of casting finish due to less generation of dead clay in sand.

It has fantastic advantages like:

  • Min. Casting defects like blow holes, porosity and mold  breakage etc.  due to highest quality consistency of  ready sand.

  • High amount of raw material saving due to best design and proven  performance of sand mixer.

  • Homogeneous quality in all batches.Inbuilt properties of input return sand is retained with min. losses.

  • Exact feeding of input raw material due to feeders with electronically  controlled load cells coordinated with online sand inspection facilities synchronized with main computer.

This sand plant will encompass components like:

  • Intensive Mixer.

  • Automatic Green Sand Control Systems (USA)

  • Sand Cooler

  • Automatic additive dosing systems

  • Centralized PLC based controls

  • Core Shop – Shell Core & Cold Box SUSHA Make

Pattern Shop

We have in house Pattern Manufacturing Facilities :

  • Jyoti Huron (KX 10i) : 1000 x 700 x 550

  • Deckel Maho (DMC 63V) : 600 x 500 x 500

  • Yeong Chin YCM : 1100 x 600 x 600

  • Cincinnati : 500 x 500 x 500

Molding Line

We have Horizontal Flaskless SMS-7060 RT-III Molding Machine from KOYO (Japan). This molding line is having capacity of 140 molds per hour with cake size 700 × 600 × 250/250 and is based on latest pri-fill, shoot & squeeze technology, where the molding process will be extremely uniform which will finally result into highly consistent production by means of component weight, piece variation, mold variation, wall thickness, mold drawal with min. draft angle on pattern etc. This Machine was developed for higher quality molds & increased productivity.

Advantages of this Molding Systems are as under briefly.

  • Pre-fill, shoot and squeeze technology makes sure that mold quality are perfect, uniformaly & minimal variation even in deep cavity molds.

  • No mold swelling which also directly affects the final weight of casting.

  • Extra ordinary surface finish of casting.

  • Min. machining allowance, reduces machining process time, cost and minimizes scrap generation.

  • Min. man power required.

  • Overall cost reduction in operation cost.

Fettling & Shot Blasting

After shakeout casting will process in shot blasting machine and for grinding to remove scales and achieve clean & uniform surface textures.

  • Hanger type shot blasting machine

  • Heavy duty swing frame grinders

  • Pedestal grinders

  • Portable pneumatic grinders

  • Wedge breaker for runner/riser cutting

Product Testing

Foundry Devision

  • Spectrometer

  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM) for standard test bar.

  • CE Meter Analysis.

  • Brinell/Rockwell hardness testing machine.

  • Image analyzer for metal phase analysis.

  • Sand Testing Equipments

  • Portable Pyrometer

Machine Shop

  • CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) Carl Ziess ( 700 × 1000 × 600 mm).

  • Surface Roughness Tester.

  • 2D Primos & Height Master (600 mm)

  • Marfos Gauges for Bearing Bore Checking (Range: 60 to 120 mm)

  • Linear Measuring like Micro Meters, Vernier & Bore Gauges.

Quality Controls

  • Our processes are well controlled and documented. We adhere to the stringent guidelines of ISO 9001:2008. We follows the standards as under.

  • Indian Standards

  • DIN

  • ASTM

  • ISO (For Dimension & Tolerance)

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